NOTICE: This product has now been terminated. It was superseeded by GSIP V2 in April 2009 .

GOES Surface and Insolation Product (GSIP)
.Images for every hour of the most recent full day produced from the data in the Contiguous US (CONUS) Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES) Surface and Insolation Product (GSIP) was shown at this site. The images were updated every day at 9:30 AM Eastern Standard Time.
The CONUS GSIP product area was bounded by 66o-126oW longitude and 24o-54oN latitude. The CONUS GSIP was comprised of various geophysical parameters. The core parameters included solar irradiance at the top of the atmosphere and at the surface and skin temperature. The parameters were obtained from the radiances observed by the imager/sounder instrument onboard GOES East (currently GOES-12). Details are provided under “PROJECT” on the left.

The complete set of parameters for the last six days were accessable from the NESDIS ftp site. Selected parameters can also be downloaded from an ftp site at the Department of Meteorology, University of Maryland at College Park. Details are provided under “DATA” on the left.

The GSIP estimates of the surface insolation were routinely compared with ground observations from the SURFRAD network. These comparisons can be viewed by following the links provided in “LINKS” on the left.

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