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Updated: 03-29-2016

Employee Name Bio Page Researcher ID Division Branch
Allegrino, Americo   E-7939-2011 SMCD OPDB
Aune, Robert   F-5572-2010 CoRP ASPB
Bali, Manik   J-7518-2013 SMCD SCDAB
Bayler, Eric   F-5575-2010 Front Office
Beach, Eric   F-5576-2010 SMCD SCDAB
Blonski, Slawomir   G-3609-2011 SMCD SCDAB
Boukabara, Sid bio F-5577-2010 JCSDA Front Office
Brown, Christopher bio B-8213-2008 CoRP SCSB
Cao, Changyong bio F-5578-2010 SMCD SCDAB
Chalfant, Michael bio F-5579-2010 SMCD OPDB
Chang, Paul   F-5580-2010 SOCD OSB
Chen, Ruiyue   F-6708-2010 SMCD OPDB
Chen, Yong   E-4321-2010 JCSDA Scientist Staff
Ciren, Pubu   E-6542-2011 SMCD EMB
Clemente-Colon, Pablo bio F-5581-2010 SOCD MECB
Comarazamy, Daniel   C-8246-2014 SOCD MECB
Connor, Laurence   E-7930-2011 SOCD OPB, LSA
Csiszar, Ivan bio D-2396-2010 SMCD EMB
Daniels, Jaime bio E-7933-2011 SMCD OPDB
Dash, Prasanjit bio F-5582-2010 SOCD OSB
De La Cour, Jacqueline   E-7920-2011 SOCD MECB
DiGiacomo, Paul bio F-5584-2010 SOCD
Divakarla, Murty   E-7936-2011 SMCD SCDAB
Eakin, Mark bio F-5585-2010 SOCD MECB
Farrell, Sinead bio F-5586-2010 SOCD OPB, LSA
Ferraro, Ralph bio F-5587-2010 CoRP SCSB
Flynn, Lawrence bio B-6321-2009 SMCD SCDAB
Gallo, Kevin bio F-5588-2010 SMCD EMB
Guo, Wei   E-7934-2011 SMCD EMB
Han, Yong bio F-5590-2010 SMCD SCDAB
Heidinger, Andrew bio F-5591-2010 CoRP ASPB
Heron, Scott   E-7928-2011 SOCD MECB
Hillger, Donald bio F-5592-2010 CoRP RAMMB
Huang, Jingfeng   D-7336-2012 SMCD SCDAB
Iacovazzi Jr, Robert   G-3867-2010 SMCD SCDAB
Ignatov, Alexander (Sasha) bio F-5594-2010 SOCD OSB
Iturbide-Sanchez, Flavio   F-9186-2014 SMCD SCDAB
Jelenak, Zorana   F-5596-2010 SOCD OSB
Jiang, Lide   G-2041-2010 SOCD MECB
Jiang, Zhangyan   G-2581-2012 SMCD EMB
Johnson, Benjamin   E-8557-2015 JCSDA Scientist Staff
Jones, Erin   E-9296-2015 JCSDA Front Office
Kalluri, Satya bio K-2635-2015 CoRP
Key, Jeffrey bio F-5597-2010 CoRP ASPB
Knaff, John bio F-5599-2010 CoRP RAMMB
Kogan, Felix bio F-5600-2010 SMCD EMB
Kondragunta, Shobha bio F-5601-2010 SMCD SCDAB
Kuhn, John   F-5602-2010 SOCD OPB, LSA
Kuligowski, Robert bio C-6981-2009 SMCD EMB
Laszlo, Istvan bio F-5603-2010 SMCD EMB
Leuliette, Eric bio D-1527-2010 SOCD OPB, LSA
Li, Xiaofeng   B-6524-2008 SOCD MECB
Liang, Ding (Ellen)   K-6959-2012 SMCD SCDAB
Liang, Xingming bio H-7368-2014 SOCD OSB
Lillibridge, John bio F-5606-2010 SOCD OPB, LSA
Lindsey, Daniel bio F-5607-2010 CoRP RAMMB
Liu, Gang   E-7921-2011 SOCD MECB
Liu, Hongqing   F-5608-2010 SMCD EMB
Liu, Jicheng   B-4575-2009 JCSDA Scientist Staff
Liu, Quanhua (Mark) bio B-6608-2008 SMCD SCDAB
Liu, Xiaoming   F-5571-2010 SOCD MECB
Maddy, Eric   G-3683-2010 JCSDA Front Office
Marks, Karen bio F-5610-2010 SOCD OPB, LSA
Maturi, Eileen   F-5611-2010 SOCD MECB
McAdoo, David bio F-5612-2010 SOCD OPB, LSA
Meng, Huan bio F-5613-2010 CoRP SCSB
Mikelsons, Karlis   C-9147-2015 SOCD MECB
Miller, Laurence bio B-8305-2011 SOCD OPB, LSA
Molenar, Debra bio F-5615-2010 CoRP RAMMB
Nalli, Nick bio F-6731-2010 SMCD SCDAB
Niu, Jianguo   G-1325-2012 SMCD SCDAB
Ondrusek, Michael   F-5617-2010 SOCD OSB
Pavolonis, Mike bio F-5618-2010 CoRP ASPB
Pearlman, Aaron   L-8912-2013 SMCD SCDAB
Petty, Alek bio K-1839-2014 SOCD OPB, LSA
Pierce, Robert   F-5609-2010 CoRP ASPB
Pryor, Kenneth bio F-5620-2010 SMCD OPDB
Qian, Haifeng   F-1987-2011 SMCD SCDAB
Reale, Anthony bio F-5621-2010 SMCD OPDB
Ren, Li   J-4885-2014 SOCD OSB
Rokke, Laurie   I-5642-2015 SMCD OPDB
Romanov, Peter   F-5622-2010 SMCD EMB
Rudlosky, Scott bio H-4309-2011 CoRP SCSB
Schmit, Timothy bio F-5624-2010 CoRP ASPB
Schroeder, Wilfrid   F-6738-2010 SMCD EMB
Shi, Wei bio F-5625-2010 SOCD MECB
Skirving, William   E-7927-2011 SOCD MECB
Smith, Jonathan   J-2737-2015 SMCD SCDAB
Smith, Thomas bio F-5626-2010 CoRP SCSB
Smith, Walter bio F-5627-2010 SOCD OPB, LSA
Son, Seung-Hyun bio F-6704-2010 SOCD MECB
Strong, Alan   E-7924-2011 SOCD MECB
Sun, Bomin   P-8742-2014 SMCD OPDB
Sun, Ninghai   B-6970-2008 SMCD SCDAB
Tan, Changyi bio F-4786-2010 SMCD SCDAB
Vargas, Marco bio F-5629-2010 SMCD EMB
Wang, Likun bio B-7524-2008 SMCD SCDAB
Wang, Menghua bio F-5631-2010 SOCD MECB
Wang, Wenhui   D-3240-2012 SMCD EMB
Weng, Fuzhong bio F-5633-2010 SMCD
Wilson, Michael   G-9611-2013 SMCD OPDB
Wolf, Walter   E-7935-2011 SMCD OPDB
Wu, Xiangqian (Fred) bio F-5634-2010 SMCD SCDAB
Xiong, Xiaozhen   F-6591-2010 SMCD SCDAB
Xu, Hui   F-5635-2010 Front Office
Xu, Jianjun   E-7941-2011 JCSDA Scientist Staff
Yu, Fang-fang   E-7942-2011 SMCD SCDAB
Yu, Yunyue (Bob) bio F-5636-2010 SMCD EMB
Zhan, Xiwu (Jerry) bio F-5487-2010 JCSDA Scientist Staff
Zhang, Hai   A-3445-2011 SMCD SCDAB
Zheng, Guangming   J-3154-2013 SOCD
Zhou, Lihang   E-7938-2011 SMCD OPDB
Zou, Cheng-Zhi bio E-3085-2010 SMCD EMB

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