GOES-8/9 Atmospheric Soundings

Western North America and Pacific Ocean

Forecast Products Development Team (FPDT)

General information on interpretation of atmospheric temperature and moisture soundingsderived from GOES satellite data.

Complete Station List of GOES-8/9 Soundings

Latest GOES-8/9 Soundings Locations Plotted Over Infrared Satellite Cloud Image.

Click on location (designated by three - five digit code on map below to display GOES satellite derived temperature and moisture sounding.

NOTE: GOES satellite soundings are available only when sky conditions are clear or partly cloudy.
In cloudy conditions, or when GOES sounder data is missing, a message 'Sounding Unavailable' will be displayed.

Eastern U.S. and Atlantic Ocean

Hank Drahos, Chief, FPDT Hank.Drahos@noaa.gov

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Last Updated 11/26/97