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Air Quality Remote Sensing Program
GOES-R Environmental Instrument Products

The Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI) and the Hyperspectral Environmental Suite (HES) instruments on the next generation Geostationary Environmental Operational Satellite GOES-R will provide unprecedented information on air quality. GOES-R will measure five of the seven criteria pollutants identified by the Environmental Protection Agency. Plans are currently underway to develop various air quality products (aerosol optical depth, particle size, aerosol type, carbon monoxide, methane, sulfur dioxide, ozone, fires, trace gas and aerosol emissions) over the Americas at temporal resolution ranging from five to 60 minutes for the imager and the sounder respectively. These products are expected to become operational after the launch of GOES-R in 2013.

Future GOES-R Environmental Instrument Products

Sensor Bands Product Applications
ABI 0.47µm, 0.86µm, 2.1µm Aerosol optical depth,
type (dust vs. non dust),
particle size (effective radius),
and fraction of fine mode vs. coarse mode
EPA - PM2.5 monitoring
NWS - PM2.5 forecasting
NIEHS - Health impacts
CDC - Health impacts
ABI 9.6µm Total column FAA - Clear-air turbulence
NWS - Ozone forecasting
ABI 3.9µm, 11µm Fire location, size,
intensity and carbon consumption
Aerosol and trace gas emissions
EPA - Assessments
NWS - Forecasting
ABI 11µm, 12µm Dust detection EPA - Monitoring
HES 800-1000cm Dust loading and height
Volcanic ash detection, amount and height
Smoke plume height
VAAC - Advisories
EPA - Monitoring
NWS - Forecasting
HES 1650-2250 cm Carbon monoxide
EPA - Assessments
NWS - Forecasting
NOAA - Climate
HES 950 - 1050 cm Ozone profile NWS - Forecasting
HES 600 - 800 cm Ash cloud height
Smoke plume height
VAAC - Advisories
NWS Forecasting
HES 1100 - 1200 cm Sulfur dioxide VAAC - Advisories

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