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STAR Planning Matrix

This matrix provides links to the documents and the organizations that author them, to depict the relationship between the planning and activities of NOAA, NESDIS, STAR, and JCSDA.

image of the cover - DOC Strategic Plan - 2014-2018DOC Strategic Plan:
"America is Open for Business"

This plan provides a broad foundation for economic growth and opportunity by focusing on five key priorities: Trade and Investment; Innovation; Data; Environment; Operational Excellence.


NOAA Next Generation
Strategic Plan

image of the cover - NOAA Strategic Plan

Through its long-standing mission of science, service, and stewardship, NOAA generates tremendous value for the Nation--and the world--by advancing our understanding of and ability to anticipate changes in the environment, by improving society's ability to make scientifically informed decisions, and by conserving and managing ocean and coastal resources.

20-Year Research Vision

image of the cover - NOAA 20-Year Research Plan

NOAA Research Council 20-Year Research Vision
(PDF, 3MB, 5/26/2005)

Provide the public with easy-to-use, integrated products and information services that will vastly improve the way Americans lead their daily lives and the nation manages its natural resources.

NOAA's 5-Year Research Plan

image of the cover - NOAA 5 Year Research Plan

NOAA Research Council
5-Year Plan

(PDF, 2.6MB, 2013)

R&D at NOAA is directed toward the Agency's outcome-oriented goals for Climate, Weather, Oceans, and Coasts, as well as its capability- oriented "enterprise" objectives. Focusing attention on outcomes rather than activities is the basis for making rational investment choices, aligning requirements, and clarifying roles and responsibilities.


image of the cover - NESDIS Strategic Plan - 2016NESDIS Strategic Plan


Program Plan

image of the cover - STAR Road Map

STAR Road Map
(PDF, 5.6MB, 8-2006)

Revision in progress.

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image of the cover - STAR Strategic PlanSTAR Strategic Plan

STAR Strategic Plan,
(PDF, 3MB, May 16, 2014)

STAR plays an important role in ensuring the success of NOAA's mission of science, service, and stewardship. During the next decade STAR will help our Nation:

  • Achieve economic growth in a sustainable manner
  • Ensure public safety in the face of storms and other extreme weather events
  • Improve community resilience to natural disasters
  • Support informed management and the preservation of the oceanís natural resources
  • Enhance our understanding of the dependence of our Nationís economic success, health and well-being on environmental resources and hazards.

STAR is the NOAA center responsible for improving and advancing satellite-based environmental products. STAR's work ties directly into the NOAA goals of science, service, and stewardship.

Satellite Flyout Schedules

thumbnail of JCSDA RoadmapJCSDA
Planning Resources

Under review / revision

  • Roadmap
  • Strategic Plan
  • Program Plan
  • Operating Plan

Division Roadmaps

Last revised 2006

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Research Project Plans

2007 Research Project Plans
STAR Intranet

cover image: Research Project PlansThe 2007 version of these plans is available on the STAR intranet, but a redacted version will be publicly available soon.


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